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East Zion

The home you’ve always pictured in your dreams will be nestled among the pines at a refreshing elevation of 6,500 feet. Being 2,000 feet higher than the floor of Zion National Park means that in the summer you’ll enjoy temperatures that are 15 to 20 degrees cooler than in the park, which creates the ideal climate for your endless choices of outdoor activities and adventure.

Zion Ridge: Zion National Park Real Estate

East Zion Development is committed to being a responsible steward of this special place. Each real estate lot and home is designed to become a seamless part of the environment. Natural building materials such as mature timber and river rock play important design elements. No matter whether you purchase an existing home or build your own – you will appreciate underground utilities, water, sewer, electricity and fiber optic telephone hook-ups and paved year-round access. Restrictive covenants ensure that your investment will never be compromised. Our real estate master plan leaves a small footprint on the land – with native plants and eco-friendly landscapes.

Fractional ownerships at 1/12th share. Fractional ownership gives you the flexibility to enjoy a vacation property without needing to justify an investment due to possible infrequent use. That means you’re free from the day-to-day maintenance involved with a second home.

Come visit us and learn more about your best real estate and vacation home opportunity at Zion Ridge. We’ll see you in Zion!